Caves Custom


Your custom piece begins life in an artist’s depiction. Shape, coloring, size, and design come into existence in this step. This step brings ideas into a visual form, allowing Caves Jewelry to begin the process of changing your imagined piece of beautiful jewelry into a total reality. Bringing in photos of jewelry that you may like helps to establish the invention stage; you may like a certain part of a setting or you may like the mounting of another. Having multiple images of other pieces allows Caves Jewelry to create a piece that is special to you.


Digital Conceptualization:

The next step of the process involves taking the artist’s depiction and transferring it to a digital image. This step is known as Computer Aided Design, or CAD/CAM 3D imaging. It creates a 3D image that displays several angles of the ring, allowing for the ability of complete manipulation of the particular image, and displaying a scaled image that gives you a specific conception of exactly what your piece will look like when it reaches physical conceptualization.  At this point, decisions can be made on the design and form of the particular piece before the process of physical formation has even started. 





Physical Conceptualization:

Through the creation of a wax mold, a raw casting is created through a process called the Lost Wax Method. A wax casting is made in accordance with the CAD/CAM image of the piece, and from that wax casting, a mold of the ring is formed. By spinning the mold at over 100 mph, molten gold is forced into it allowing the gold to fill every small crevice, yielding the formation of the particular piece. What is left is the raw casting of the piece attached to a button, otherwise known as the remnant metal left from the casting process. This is the stage that first brings the idea and concept of the particular piece into a physical form. 


Finished Production: the Final Piece

Depending on what finish you may desire for your particular piece or the stones that you may want to have set, the final production process puts the finishing touch on the casting to produce a beautiful piece of jewelry that is a completely custom design and fabrication by Caves Jewelry. To top that off, Caves has an exclusive selection of some of the finest stones available in the world from Antwerp, Belgium, giving customers the opportunity to finalize a custom piece of jewelry with a fantastic stone that displays unrivaled brilliance and quality. Also, if you make sure to bring in your custom piece every 6 months for regular cleaning and inspection, Caves will repair any damage to the piece that doesn’t involve normal wear and tear. 



Custom Jewelry Gallery

Call or email us to set up an appointment with Jerry Caves and start the process of creating your own custom piece of jewelry. We would love to make your dream jewelry become a reality!

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